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Our Golf Cart "Bolt"!

Seats 4, Reaches speeds up to 19 MPH, Cruise to nearby Restaurants, Breweries, and Parks!

Golf Cart Rental Agreement

 Driftwood Cottage

       I agree to the following conditions. In the event that I violate any of the following conditions, I agree and understand that I will be charged for any damages and/or prohibited from future rentals from Driftwood Cottage:


  • I agree to return the rented golf cart to Driftwood Cottage, in as good condition as I received. I will operate the golf cart safely and responsibly, and I will preserve and protect the golf cart from loss or damage to the cart itself, my person or property, and the persons or property of others. I agree to be legally and financially liable for all costs of repairs to the golf cart, and for the loss, damage and/or injuries to my person or property and the persons or property of others regardless of fault.

  • I understand there is a $250.00 deposit held that will be returned as long as there is no damage to the Golf Cart. There is a $50.00 charge for lost key provided for the rented golf cart. If lost, contact us immediately! There is an Apple AirTag on the key, if it can be recovered there will be no charge. Since this is an electric cart, there must be enough charge to drive the cart back to Driftwood Cottage. There is a $75 tow fee.

  • I agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify Driftwood Cottage and their representatives of the golf cart for any and all damages and claims of any nature whatsoever that may arise from the use of the golf cart itself, my person and property and the persons and property of others including those not within my party.

  • I agree to become familiar with the operation and use of the Golf Cart, and any other instructions provided to me regarding the cart, and to operate the golf cart in accordance with said instructions. There are instructions in the Golf Cart Rental Guide Book for the care and operations of the Golf Cart. I agree to drive (in allowed areas) and park the cart (in allowed areas) in accordance with said instructions. I agree to contact Driftwood Cottage representatives, if I have any questions or concerns about operating the golf cart or if my guest or I have caused any damage to the golf cart or others through the use of the golf cart. I  agree to examine and inspect the safety and mechanical condition of the golf cart, reporting any concerns or problems before driving the vehicle.

  • I understand that a golf cart is subject to the same laws and regulations pertaining to motor vehicles and therefore agree that the golf cart will be operated in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, including but not limited to the requirement that persons driving the golf cart must not be under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs. I further agree that I personally will be responsible for all moving and/or parking violations issued to said cart while it is in my possession, under my control, or at any time during the rental period.

  • I agree that only persons who are 16 years or older and possess a valid driver’s license shall be permitted to drive the golf cart. I further agree that the maximum occupancy of the golf cart is the number of available seats (no standing on the back fender or front dash!).

  • I understand that Downtown Palm Harbor is a golf cart friendly town and I must respect the community, roads, sidewalks, etc.  If it’s determined that guests are using the cart inappropriately, Driftwood Cottage has the right to immediately cancel the rental and/or Golf Cart rental and no refunds will be given.

  • I understand the golf cart will be returned to Driftwood Cottage, with no tape, adhesive, decorations, balloons, streamers, mud, etc. The cart should be generally clean (free of trash, not covered in mud). If the cart is not returned clean, there will be a $30.00 cleaning charge. A water hose is provided on the property for cleanup if needed.

  • I understand that before checkout the golf cart must be fully charged, or plugged in to charge.

  • The cart needs between 8-10hrs for a full charge. A fully charged battery should provide about 90 minutes of drive time. It is highly recommended that whenever the cart is not in use, it is plugged in to charge. There is a battery gauge on the cart to keep you informed on battery level.

  • I understand that if the golf cart should be inoperable through no fault of mine, I will contact Driftwood Cottage Representatives, who will take reasonable steps to have the vehicle repaired as soon as it is possible to do so.

  • I understand that the rental rates are based on my entire reservation at Driftwood Cottage. If I do not use the cart on the days that it is rented (Example: I rented it for 3 days but only used it 2) there is no refund for the days it is not used. The golf cart rental is from the moment you rent it until your stay is over.

  • By paying the fee through Zelle (preferred), Airbnb Money Request, Venmo, or Cash App you are agreeing to these terms.

  • Security Deposit will be returned within 48hrs as long there are no issues as stated above.
    Golf Cart Rules

  1. Operator must be over 16 years of age with a valid Driver’s License and accompanied by an adult 

  2. Operator must have lights on after sunset

  3. Operator must follow all laws and regulations regarding Motor Vehicles

  4. Operator is responsible and liable for all actions. No horseplay, or misuse

  5. Operator must not be intoxicated over the legal limit

    After we receive the form we will request payment through the Payment Option you chose.

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Golf Cart Agreement
Information Form

By filling out this form, it confirms you have read and legally agreed to the contract mentioned above.

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